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About Us.

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Our Mission

Cariculum® Education is a referral-based nonprofit 501c3 organization established to advance equity and access for New York City's most vulnerable learners. We are committed to the provision of quality instruction and curricula that is tailored to meet the needs of every child. 

How It Started 

We began our journey with the motto "Early Education Matters" in 2012, developing brain-based curricula products for public and private childcare centers and pushing for formal education policy to support children from birth to age 4.  Before our intervention, we watched many of our youngest learners present unprepared (socially, physically, and academically) to begin school due to a lack of formal research-based educational activities, prior to kindergarten.

In addition, our work history includes decades of service in developing collaborative partnerships to successfully derail the over-representation of children with Individualized Education Program classifications.

We Believe

We believe that we must be innovative, progressive, and cutting-edge when providing rigorous instruction and in our curricula design. 

We believe that synchronous and asynchronous remote learning in K-12 is a push forward that must be steadily cultivated. 

We believe that all children can learn at high levels.

We Care 

We care about enrichment and culturally-responsive curricula and instruction.
We care about teaching and learning.
This is our passion.  This is our work.  We teach the whole child.  We teach New York! 

Let’s Work Together!  

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